Steel Tech­no­lo­gy

  • Pre­sence de­tec­tion of ob­jects at par­ti­cu­lar pla­ces - e. g.: Sl­abs, in­gots, pipes, bars or pla­tes
    • On trans­port equip­ment
    • In­si­de of an­nea­ling fur­naces
    • Hot and cold ma­te­ri­al
  • Po­si­tio­n­ing sup­port of ob­jects
  • Ma­te­ri­al flow mo­ni­to­ring
  • Ho­le-mar­ked wel­ded seam de­tec­tion
  • Pin­ho­le de­tec­tion
  • Cra­ne-col­li­si­on and dis­tan­cing pro­tec­tion
  • Po­si­tio­n­ing sup­port for coke ma­chi­nes
  • Gas-val­ves mo­ni­to­ring at coke bat­te­ries
  • Le­vel mo­ni­to­ring e. g.:
    • Height cros­sing
    • Let down li­mits
    • Over­hang mo­ni­to­ring
    • Hight or width mea­su­ring
  • All­round and tough fi­xing and pro­tec­tive ac­cess­ories

Pa­per Tech­no­lo­gy and Pa­per Ma­chi­nes

  • Pa­per break de­tec­tion and si­gnal­ling
    • Free run­ning pa­per
    • Sie­ve gui­ded pa­per
    • In­si­de and outs­ide of the dry­er sec­tion
    • With trans­mit­ter/re­cei­ver light bar­ri­ers
    • With re­flex-light bar­ri­ers/ re­flex-op­tic-heads to­ge­ther with pa­ti­cu­lar heat re­sis­ti­ve re­flec­tors
    • With dif­fu­se-re­flec­tive sen­sors/ dif­fu­se-re­flec­tive op­tic heads

Cra­ne Tech­no­lo­gy

  • Cra­ne-coll­si­on and dis­tan­cing pro­tec­tion
    • Using tri­an­gu­la­ti­on me­thod
    • Func­tio­nal
    • Safe­ty re­le­vant - EU-Ty­pe tested - con­ti­nu­al­ly self-che­cking
  • Cra­ne-po­si­to­n­ing by di­rect­ly dis­tan­ce mea­su­re­ment
  • Op­ti­cal da­ta trans­mis­si­on
  • Lea­ding ob­s­tra­cle mo­ni­to­ring

Store and Trans­por­ta­ti­on Tech­no­lo­gy

  • Pro­fi­le/ over­hang mo­ni­to­ring
  • Area pro­tec­tion
  • Ma­te­ri­al flow mo­ni­to­ring
  • Pre­sence de­tec­tion about dif­fe­rent ob­jects on con­veyor belts and hand­ling me­ans
  • De­tec­tion of trans­pa­rent ob­jects
  • Op­ti­cal da­ta trans­mis­si­on
  • Col­li­si­on pro­tec­tion for cra­nes and reail gui­ded ve­hi­cles


  • Cust­o­mi­zed ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons
  • Co­al car­bo­ni­zing prac­tice
  • Steel ma­king plant tech­no­lo­gy
  • Mo­ni­to­ring and con­trol of rail gui­ded ve­hi­cles

Ac­ci­dent Pro­tec­tion

  • Area pro­tec­tion with self-che­cking light bar­ri­ers, cas­ca­da­ble
  • Cra­ne-coll­si­on and dis­tan­cing pro­tec­tion, self-che­cking
  • Ma­chi­ne pro­tec­tion