Fo­to­elek­trik Pau­ly GmbH was foun­ded in 1979, sin­ce 2000 the head­quar­ter is lo­ca­ted in Wer­ne.

As ex­perts in de­ve­lop­ment, pro­duc­tion and sa­les of light bar­ri­ers and op­to-elec­tro­nic spe­cial de­vices we of­fer a broad ran­ge of stan­dard pro­ducts as well as ma­ny cust­o­mi­zed de­signs. Plea­se in­form oneself about our por­duct ran­ge on our web­site, send an eMail or gi­ve us a call.

Our ex­perts will be plea­sed to stay at your dis­po­sal for the ap­p­li­ca­ti­on gui­dance and in­di­vi­du­al pro­blem so­lu­ti­ons.

Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on fields

Our pro­ducts are used in the fol­lo­wing are­as:

  • Steel Tech­no­lo­gy
  • Store and Trans­por­ta­ti­on Tech­no­lo­gy
  • Pa­per In­dus­try and Pa­per Ma­chi­nes
  • Safe­ty Pro­tec­tion, Cra­ne Tech­no­lo­gy and Spe­cials